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Get to know the team

Valeri Rusco, PA-C

Founder/Owner, Injection Specialist

Throughout my 16-year career as a board certified Physician Assistant, I have worked in Emergency Medicine, Addiction Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery.

My passion for aesthetics began years ago when my outdoor hobbies started taking their toll on my skin. I decided to broaden my skill set so that I could bring high-level aesthetic services to patients in a comfortable environment. My focus is education about skin care and services that enhance/refresh (not change) your appearance. Direct Aesthetics is patient centered and offers appointments and events at our downtown Rockford location. My office adjoins Studio Monroe, and together we strive to meet all of your aesthetic needs in one convenient, accessible and welcoming location. 


Kaely Crawford, PA-C

Injection Specialist

I am from Grand Rapids and I embrace several passions in life, one being aesthetics! I enjoy practicing yoga and creating things in my free time, and I am married to my husband Steven who is an avid outdoorsman. I went to WMU for PA school and also currently work as a Cardiothoracic Surgery PA-C where I first assist in surgeries. My love for working with my hands in surgery and wanting to explore a more creative side of medicine where I can help others feel good about themselves and their skin brought me to exploring aesthetics. I have studied medical aesthetics extensively under the guidance of Valeri, PA-C, and am excited to continue learning! I am currently seeing patients for Botox, Dysport, and vitamin B12 shots here in the office. I offer some evening appointments and Saturdays as well!


Emily Conley

Practice Manager & Client Coordinator

My name is Emily, and I recently started as the client coordinator for the practice. I have been a full-time stay-at-home mom to our four young children for the past seven years. Before children, I taught middle school and high school Spanish and Biology and helped run my husband's online vanilla bean and spice companies. My hobbies include reading, volunteering in my kids' classrooms, cheering on my girls at their gymnastics meets and dance competitions, and I am a gym FREAK. Science, beauty, and anti-aging have always been fascinating to me, making this opportunity perfect for me. I am excited to interact with you all on your journeys to better self-confidence!


Brianna Eslinger

Social Media & Web Management 

I've been working behind the scenes for Direct Aesthetics since November 2021 and absolutely love working with Val! When I'm not working with Valeri, I am  behind a camera since I own my own photography/videography business called The Unfiltered Collective. I love assisting in the development of small businesses and have been doing that since 2014! My passions include helping others, being creative and bringing awareness to mental health. Outside of work I'm a mother, I enjoy cooking, reading and I'm an avid gym goer. Looking forward to connecting more with all of the Direct Aesthetics family.

My experience with Valeri and direct aesthetics has been just wonderful, every time. It is always obvious to me how much she loves what she does, and how good she is at it. I feel special and beautiful each time I leave and always look forward to the next time. She does not disappoint ! Her office is lovely and laid back, and she is warm and genuine. She exudes professionalism, competence and genuine gratitude to make people more beautiful. Thanks Val!!! I’ll be seeing you soon !


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