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In-office Photo Valeri Rusco, PA-C

Meet Valeri Rusco, PA-C: Founder and Skin Health Advocate at Direct Aesthetics

Welcome to Direct Aesthetics, where beauty meets science, and your skin is our passion. I’m Valeri Rusco, the proud founder, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share our philosophy and commitment to enhancing your natural beauty.

At Direct Aesthetics, we believe that true beauty begins with embracing and loving the skin you’re in. Our downtown Rockford office is not just a space for aesthetic treatments; it’s a haven where you can drop by to say hello, seek guidance, and embark on a journey to rediscover your radiant self.

Our approach is rooted in prioritizing the overall well-being of your skin. We view it as a vital organ intricately linked to your overall health. My passion lies in delving into the science of age-related changes, demystifying the processes that lead to visible transformations. But more than just treatments, education is at the heart of our practice.

I’m on a mission to educate our valued patients on the ‘whys’ – why those lines appear, why there’s a loss of volume, or why shifts occur in particular areas. This knowledge empowers you with a profound understanding of the processes, the purpose behind treatments, and how to proactively ensure long-term skin health.

Step into our welcoming and comforting space, where expertise meets personalized care. We are not just about aesthetics; we are about fostering a community that celebrates self-love and confidence. I eagerly look forward to the day we get to meet, share stories, and embark on a journey toward skin health and beauty together.

Welcome to Direct Aesthetics – where your beauty journey is as unique as you are.

–Valeri Rusco, PA-C

Meet Tammy Kirby, DNP: Skin Expert and Injection Specialist at Direct Aesthetics

Tammy Kirby is thrilled to have joined the team at Direct Aesthetics in the heart of downtown Rockford, bringing with her immense enthusiasm to assist patients in navigating the realms of skincare and aesthetics.

With a robust foundation developed over 18 years in the medical field, Tammy has held various roles, including positions as an ER RN, nurse practitioner in family practice, and in acute care settings. Taking a significant step in her career, she earned her Doctorate of Nursing in 2020, always striving to refine her skills in the service of her patients. Tammy’s journey in aesthetics began with certification in injecting neurotoxins and fillers in 2017.

Outside of her commitment to smoothing out wrinkles or addressing pesky dark spots, Tammy immerses herself in her passions, such as CrossFit, running, exploring new destinations, and embarking on hikes with her husband and their four-legged companions. An avid reader, she is perpetually on the lookout for great book recommendations. Tammy is eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to meet new individuals and assist them on their skincare journey.

–Tammy Kirby, DNP
Tammy Kirby, DNP, Injection Specialist
Kaely Crawford, PA-C, Injection Specialist

Meet Kaely Crawford, PA-C: Bridging Surgical Precision with Aesthetic Artistry at Direct Aesthetics

Kaely Crawford, born and raised in Grand Rapids, harbors a myriad of passions, with a profound interest in aesthetics at the forefront. When not engaged in yoga sessions or immersed in creative endeavors, you’ll often find me partaking in outdoor escapades with my husband, Steven, who shares my genuine enthusiasm for the great outdoors.

My educational path led me to WMU for PA school, where I currently serve as a Cardiothoracic Surgery PA-C, actively participating in various surgical procedures. While the intricacies of surgery captivate me, a desire to explore the more creative dimensions of medicine and contribute to individuals’ confidence in their skin prompted my foray into the world of aesthetics.

Under the guidance of Valeri Rusco, PA-C, I’ve delved into extensive studies in medical aesthetics and am excited about the ongoing learning and growth within this field. Presently, I am available to provide services such as Botox, Dysport, and vitamin B12 shots in our office. With a commitment to flexible scheduling, including evening and Saturday appointments, my aim is to accommodate your needs. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to be a part of your journey to skin health and confidence!

–Kaely Crawford, PA-C

Emily Conley: Nurturing Beauty and Well-Being as Manager and Client Coordinator at Direct Aesthetics

I’m Emily Conley, proudly serving as the manager and client coordinator for our practice. For seven years, I dedicated myself to the full-time role of a stay-at-home mom, caring for our four young children. Before embracing this chapter of motherhood, I shared my passion for education as a middle school and high school teacher, specializing in subjects such as Spanish and Biology. Additionally, I played a key role in managing my husband’s online vanilla bean and spice businesses.

My personal interests encompass a diverse range of activities, from reading to actively participating in my kids’ classrooms through volunteering. I enthusiastically support my daughters during their gymnastics meets and dance competitions, and I cheer on my boys at their swim events. Early morning workout classes are a consistent part of my daily routine.

Driven by an innate fascination with science, beauty, and the realm of anti-aging, this opportunity aligns seamlessly with my lifelong interests. At Direct Aesthetics, you’ll often find me at the front desk, ready to assist and ensure you have a wonderful experience.

–Emily Conley, Practice Manager & Client Coordinator
Emily Conley, Practice Manager & Client Coordinator

Lindsey Grinwis: Nurturing Warm Welcomes as Receptionist at Direct Aesthetics

Hello, I’m Lindsey, and many of you know me as Emily’s sister here at Direct Aesthetics. By day, I step into the role of a middle school administrator at Northview Public Schools, and by night, I proudly embrace the joys and challenges of being a mom to two teenagers and a preteen. Fortunately, I find teenagers to be a constant source of amusement, my own included! I hold a special place in my heart for them, especially when they’re navigating the complexities of life’s tougher moments.

In my leisure time, you’ll often find me immersed in the pages of a good book, enjoying the great outdoors through camping, passionately cheering on my kids during their various sporting events, learning the art of golf, and savoring moments with my cherished group of girlfriends. If you don’t find my sister, Emily, at the front desk, chances are it’ll be me welcoming you with a smile.

–Lindsey Grinwis, Receptionist

Why Choose Direct Aesthetics?

Unrivaled Concierge Experience

Direct Aesthetics offers a truly unique concierge approach to aesthetics. With personalized, one-on-one care, direct access to providers, and a deliberate focus on exclusivity, clients can expect an elevated and intimate experience tailored to their individual needs.

Expertise and Education

Led by founder Valeri Rusco, PA-C, a passionate aesthetic expert, Direct Aesthetics is committed to patient education. The team excels in demystifying age-related changes, offering profound insights into aesthetic processes. Clients benefit from a deeper understanding of their skin's needs and the purpose behind recommended treatments.

Personalized and Compassionate Care

Dedication to personalized care tailored to individual needs is a cornerstone at Direct Aesthetics. Find yourself in a welcoming and comforting atmosphere where compassion is woven into every aspect of your journey. Beyond treatments, the commitment to creating a positive and supportive experience ensures that you feel truly cared for.

Positive Patient Experiences

Direct Aesthetics boasts a track record of positive patient experiences and glowing reviews. Clients consistently express satisfaction with the results, the professionalism of the team, and the overall atmosphere of the clinic. Positive testimonials affirm Direct Aesthetics as a trusted choice for aesthetic services.

Comprehensive Services and Treatments

Explore a diverse range of services addressing various aesthetic concerns at Direct Aesthetics. From injectables like Botox and dermal fillers to advanced skin treatments, the practice offers solutions for various needs. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients can find tailored treatments to achieve their unique aesthetic goals.

Holistic Approach to Aesthetics

Direct Aesthetics stands out for its holistic approach to aesthetics, emphasizing the interconnectedness of skin health and overall well-being. Their philosophy centers on enhancing natural beauty while prioritizing the health and vitality of the skin as a vital organ.

Kind Words From Clients
“Absolutely wonderful place. From the quality of customer service to the product they provide. Professional and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend.”
Marie Bart

"Direct Aesthetics has all the good vibes. The new office is gorgeous and inviting. Val is one of the best in the business and really takes the time to explain the process of each treatment and what makes sense for your skin type. Make an appointment and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed."

Corey Ball

"Everyone at Direst Aesthetics is THE BEST!! From Emily greeting you as you walk in to Tammy and Valeri walking you through each treatment option and administering such care during each visit. I leave every appoint with a big smile and looking forward to returning!! I cannot recommend enough!!!"

Caylin Engle

"I have never felt more comfortable and confident in my skin. My skin journey has not only been educational but fun working with Valeri to preserve and enhance my natural beauty. Wouldn’t trust anyone other than the DA aesthetics team!"

Justine Scogg

"Valeri is awesome and I won’t go anywhere else! She is very knowledgeable in her craft and will only recommend what she thinks you would be happy with, even if it means less services you pay for. She is so wonderful!"

Krysta Meyer

"It is so nice to find a place that takes the time to listen to your concerns and truly consults you on the best options. I felt well taken care of throughout the entire process. There was extra consideration to ensure that I felt comfortable and it was truly a partnership in determining what the best course of action that would allow me to look my best self."

Lisa Edwards

We're Ready to Help you Look Your Best!


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