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How Can I Improve Droopy Eyes at Home?

Droopy eyes occur when the eyelids and surrounding muscles weaken, leading them to sag below the eye’s normal position. Typically associated with aging or prolonged sun exposure, this condition can also stem from genetic predisposition or weight fluctuations. Dealing with droopy eyes may cause self-consciousness in public settings, but various remedies exist to address the condition and diminish sagging eyelids.

Face massages

Tension in facial muscles can lead to tautness, resulting in sagging skin. Face massages offer a preventive measure against sagging skin and other age-related signs such as wrinkles. If you aim to minimize the appearance of droopy eyelids, incorporating face massages into your routine might prove beneficial. Begin with gentle circular motions to enhance blood circulation and induce muscle relaxation. Proceed with light pressure, massaging from the forehead down to the jawline.

Get more sleep

Insufficient sleep can lead to sagging muscles around the eyes, resulting in droopy eyelids. To alleviate the appearance of droopy eyelids, prioritize adequate sleep. Typically, adults require seven to nine hours of sleep nightly. Consistently sleeping for eight hours can aid in minimizing wrinkles, enhancing skin texture, and diminishing droopy eyelids. This is because sleep plays a crucial role in collagen production, essential for skin elasticity and firmness.

Eat the right foods

Include vitamin A-rich foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach in your diet. Vitamin A promotes collagen production, resulting in younger-looking skin, and strengthens eyelid muscles, reducing the appearance of droopy eyelids. Additionally, ensure adequate intake of vitamin B and iron, essential nutrients for addressing droopy eyes. Iron deficiency commonly causes droopy eyelids, emphasizing the importance of consuming sufficient iron-rich foods such as red meat, beans, eggs, and whole grains.

Apply eye gel

Eye gels offer relief for irritated skin around the eyes, lessening the prominence of droopy eyelids. They also target bags and dark circles, enhancing the eye area’s appearance. Opt for eye gels infused with antioxidants and vitamins to stimulate collagen production and enhance skin appearance. Begin by cleansing and drying your face, then delicately massage the gel onto the skin using small, circular motions. Start from the inner corner of the eye and work towards the eyebrow. Exercise caution to avoid aggravating the skin while applying eye gels.

Upneeq eye drops

Upneeq stands as the sole FDA-approved prescription eyedrop designated for treating drooping eyelids and acquired ptosis. Formulated with oxymetazoline, Upneeq stimulates the muscles accountable for elevating the upper lids. This user-friendly treatment can be conveniently administered at home, necessitating just one drop of Upneeq per eye daily. By incorporating these prescription eyedrops into your routine, you can attain a rejuvenated appearance and enhance your vision.


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